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BBC Nassim WebfontBy now you must have heard about Webfonts and their usage in web design: Google WebFonts, Cufon, and services like Typekit. But none of these services have any typeface for languages that use Arabic script. Most Arabic and Persian websites still use the two unappealing fonts they used to use in 2001: Tahoma and Times New Roman. Among all the Webfont companies services Google has some support for the international users but their services is limited to a Slavic, Greek, and Khmer. Others don’t have any services for non-Latin scripts.

Recently BBC decided to redesign its BBC Arabic and BBC Persian websites. For the first time in the short history of the web these websites were equipped with an Arabic webfont. Unfortunately the webfont BBC uses, Nassim, is not available for the public. [The content of this blog post is updated in a new post about Arabic and Persian webfonts.]

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3 Responses to Nassim Arabic Webfont on BBC

  1. Those Arabic fonts doesn’t appears on fonts.com in my computer, looks like all the same font.

  2. It’s not working in Chrome. 🙁
    IE  working well..

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