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What I want to introduce here are not a bunch of links to some Arabic-looking “exotic” Latin-script fonts. The fonts here are true Arabic fonts ready to be used in any Arabic or Persian (Farsi) layout.

As you might have noticed there are not that many companies making Arabic fonts. The reason for that might be the fact that one cannot make any money by designing Arabic or Persian typefaces. So most of the efforts in this field is done by a few companies (like Linotype, Monotype, and some others) outside the Middle East. I list them all in the near future in another post about commercial Arabic and Persian (Farsi) fonts, but here I introduce the available free fonts I find most useful. Some of them are made by support from the local governments (Uthman, Nastaliq, Neirizi) and some others are made by individuals. Most of them can be used for styling text in any Arabic-script language including Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Dari, Kurdish (Sorani), Punjabi, Pashto, Urdu, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Uyghur.

7 Free Arabic Fonts

Sharif FarsiWeb Fonts

Free Arabic Sharif FarsiWeb Fonts
Sharif FarsiWeb Fonts (140780 downloads )

Uthman Taha Naskh Font

Free Arabic Uthman Taha Naskh Font
Uthman Taha Naskh Font (47708 downloads )


Free Arabic and Persian IRMUG Fonts
Link to “IRMUG Fonts”

Iran-Nastaliq Font

Free Farsi Nastaliq Font
Link to “Iran-Nastaliq”

Farhood Font

Free Arabic and Persian Farhood Font
Farhood Font (25876 downloads )

Neirizi Font

Free Arabic Font-Naskh Neirizi
Link to “Neirizi Font”

Dastnevis Font

Free Persian Dastnevis Font
Dast Nevis Font (39969 downloads )

Do you know any other free Arabic or Persian font? Leave a link in the comments to be included in the list.

Find your fonts at Linotype.com

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  • Great Changeable Mind

    Great post! Lovely fonts

  • http://twitter.com/adibm Adib Masumian

    This is the “B” collection, containing 31 Persian fonts:


  • Lusalinas

    Thank you very much, lovely collection. Luis

  • Omid2_hadi

    i need a Arabic font that wildcards been true and complete. for example albayan or taher
    if somebody have albayan font please send to me
    omid2_hadi@@yahoo:disqus .com


  • http://www.inspiratif.com/ DS Rachmat

    Thanks for arabic font
    it’s useful for me

  • Saadat Raees


  • http://damatajhiz.com/pages/1/%D8%AF%D8%B1%D8%AC-%D8%A2%DA%AF%D9%87%DB%8C درج آگهی

    lovely collection … tanks for share this :)

  • kathryn

    This might be a stupid question, but when I download the fonts, they are still an English font. They aren’t the characters in the sample.  Is there something I have to do to change this?

  • Alefba

    You need to change language on your computer. Switch to Arabic or Persian before using the fonts.

  • kathryn

     Hi, thanks for your response.
    I went into my system preferences and activated persian under language and text. But it is still just in English.

  • Peterdewolf

    Many thanks for these

  • http://azadrah.net Sasan

    Very nice set of fonts, thnak you Alefba :)
    maybe you are interested in Iranian Sans another nice typface designed by Hooman Mehr  http://writeweb.ir/1390/03/iraniansans-gooder-style/

  • Shane Cooke

    Next, you need to install and activate, and use, a Persian keyboard. Look around online for one, or, create your own. These four are needed: font, language on system, keyboard, finally, a program which can work with these. Tell us how you make it.

  • Stuck

    Does anyone have the Naskh font in ascii format rather than unicode if that is possible. My application only accepts .txt files in ascii not unicode and i wish to add a form of Arabic to the text avaliable 

  • Alefba

    Stuck, there is no Arabic font in ASCII. ASCII only understands Latin script.

  • Alefba
  • Alefba

    If you are a PC user check this:
    How to add Arabic and Persian on Windows XP and Vista
    If you are a Mac user go to:
    How to add Arabic and Persian to your Mac?

  • Fhh_fa

    is it for Mac?

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    No. They should work on Mac and PC.

  • hadid

    Just a note: The link on this page is to an older version (0.07) of the Uthman Taha Naskh font. It’s now on version 0.09. You can download it directly from the font developer here:

  • Rfk Mv40

    very nice fonts

  • Isaac

    If you go into your computer control panel you can add languages to the key board. You can add Arabic and then when you type Arabic letters will appear on the screen

  • stephan faessler

    hi there.
    Can someone help me with one of these fonts. I am repainting the new start-up ‘Saha Airline’ though I don’t speak or can read Persian.
    Would need an  image/text in .psd format with the name ‘Saha Airline’ in Persian like in the picture here from the front fuselage:


    email: admin[at]impulseai[dot]com

    this is non commercial and free use, here my site: http://www.impulseai.com

    thanks stephan

  • WOW
  • Shahrukh Syed

    What is the difference between the Iran Nastaliq provided in the post and Iran Nastaliq 2.0 provided by you?

  • Wow

     They have updated some of the glyphs and added some new features.
    Read this: http://www.parwintype.com/iran-nastaliq/

  • http://twitter.com/sourenaa Sourena

    Thanks. The link is updated now.

  • Davood Taravat

    i can t download ple help mee
    davood.taravat@@gmail:disqus .com

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Please try again now.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Thanks. Undated.

  • Hasti AL

    i can’t download,could you please help me?

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    There is nothing wrong with downloads. Try again.

  • john

    these don’t download!!!

  • sheri

    Hi I have downloaded Iran nastaliq, but it does´nt write the letters together.

    what am I doing wrong??

    I have a mac!

    Pls Pls help someone!!!

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    It seems you are trying to use the fonts on Microsoft Word on Mac. Microsoft Word on Mac does not support Arabic script. You need to write in TextEdit and save it as RTF or DOC.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Please try again. I just tested it. It works.

  • Dina

    I downloaded them and when I choose the font in word, it’s still English letters… for both Neiriz & IranNastaliq….

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    B Collection is not a god collection. It does not work on certain software.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Did you change your input language before typing?
    → If you have a PC check this post:
    → If you have a Mac follow this instruction:

  • Maryam

    I also donwloaded the fonts, but I don’t know what I have do now! lol
    I mean I want to use these fonts in MS Word! so how do they work! (I’m not dummy, just a bit confused!)

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    You need to:
    1. Install the fonts on your PC. More could be found here:
    2. Change the input language before typing:

  • Jim

    Hi, very nice fonts. I have Mac Mountain Lion, using LibreOffice word processor set up for R-to-L. Geeza Pro (default Persian font, I believe) works fine. However, Roya, Nazli, IranNastaliq are not connecting the individual characters. Any suggestions?

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    No. Those fonts do not work properly on LibreOffice. Try IRMUG Fonts.

  • Seenah

    Why I cannot download any of them?

  • Junaid

    The links aren’t working :(

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Of course they do. Please try again.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    I do not know. I just tested them and they work fine. Please try again using a different setting.

  • Erfan

    I don’t know how can I write my own words without space among them!!
    I’ve used “Pages” application then I’ve seen:
    س ل ا م
    stead of

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    “Pages” and MIcrosoft Word” does not support Arabic/Persian script on Mac. Try TextEdit or LibreOffice instead.

  • Hamzah

    are they free for commercial use?

  • sara


    a little tool for typing arabic in OS that don’t support them.

    (beautiful collection and they all worked fine)

  • اسد

    I think messages like “links aren’t working” are because of the blue buttons below the font sample, with “Download Font name” text on, which do not work (for me at least) in Opera 12.16 and Firefox 23. The font can still be downloaded by clicking the title (font name on top) or the thumbnail below it.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    Please check the documentation of every font.

  • الفدا


  • SeanC

    I have already enabled Farsi both on Windows 7 and on MS-Word 201 but I am not able to open any of the zip files or fonts in Windows 7. The error message says “the compressed zip folder is invalid”. The Farhood font is the only one which is not in a zip folder. I get an error message when I try to install it on Windows Fonts, that “farhood.ttf” is not a valid font. I really like these fonts and would appreciate any tips to help resolve this issue.

  • http://alefba.us/ Alefba

    None of these files are hosted by this site. Neither we had any role in creating them.
    having said that, all of them work on our computer with no problem. So most probably there is an issue in your computer.