Want to learn more about Iranian culture and the Persian language while listening to great music or stories? Want to practice your language skills with more reading? Check out the resources below published both by Pardis for Children and other great organizations!

Songs of Pardis

By Hani Niroo & Pardis for Children 

Songs of Pardis

By Hani Niroo & Pardis for Children 
Songs of Pardis – Sing Along (Saaz va Aavaaz)
Songs of Pardis – Norouz

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Songs of Norouz

By Hani Niroo & Pardis for Children 
Songs of Norouz – Chaharshanbeh
Songs of Norouz – Mobarak

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Rangin Kamoon

By Samin Baghtcheban
Rangin Kamoon – Terane gashange man
Rangin Kamoon – Rooze barf bazieh

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Taranehaye Koochak Baraye Bidari

By Hengameh Yashar
Taranehaye Koochak Baraye Bidari – Ey Zanboore Talayee
Taranehaye Koochak Baraye Bidari – Tabl e Bozoorgam

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Charm of Tombak

By Leyla Hakimelahi
Charm of Tombak – Rast O Chap
Charm of Tombak – Marmulak E Shekamoo

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In Gushe Ta Un Gushe

By Leyla Hakimelahi
In Cushe ta Un Gushe – Barf (Dashti)
In Cushe ta Un Gushe – Mesvak (Mahoor)

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Bazihaye Koodakan

By Moniru Ravanipour/Farshid Rahimian
Bazihaye Koodakan – Kalagh Par
Bazihaye Koodakan – Aftab Mahtab

World of Joy

By Naser Nazar
World of Joy – Sa’at
World of Joy – Bad Badakha

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Songs of Joy

By Naser Nazar
Songs of Joy – Khosh Hal o Shad O Khandan
Songs of Joy – Norooz

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Jom Jomak

By Sajjad Tanha
Jom Jomak – Jom Jomak
Jom Jomak – Ghasedak

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Jooja Larim (Children music in Azeri)

By Ali Bereliani
Jooja Larim – Kichik Naghash
Jooja Larim – Jooja Larim

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At the Farm 

By Adamak Ensemble
At the Farm – The Duck
At the Farm – The Black and Yellow Bee

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Ye Sar o Do Goosh

By Najva Khabbazian
Ye Sar o Do Goosh – Hello
Ye Sar o Do Goosh – Why

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Fairy Tales from Greater Iran
(قصه هاى شاه پريون)

Episode 1: The Longest Night ( بلندترين شب )
Episode 2: Khorshid & Malek Ebrahim ( خورشيد و ملك ابراهيم)
Episode 3: The Fortune Teller ( غیب‌گو )

Stories for happiness
(قصه‌هایی برای شادی)

Youtube Channel by Nazanin Aygani

Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings

Chapter 1, 3 and 11 are recommended for children
By Hamid Rahmanian

Shapark Khanoom
(شاپرک خانوم)

By Bijan Mofid

Mah o Palang 
(ماه و پلنگ)

By Bijan Mofid

Shazdeh Koochooloo
(شازده کوچولو)

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Translated by Ahmad Shamlou

Khorous Zari, Pirhan Zari
(خروس زری، پیرهن پری)

Khorous Zari, Pirhan Pari (Part I) (خروس زری، پیرهن پری – قسمت اول)
Khorous Zari, Pirhad Pari (Part II) (خروس زری، پیرهن پری – قسمت دوم)

By Ahmad Shamlou

Gheseye Mardi ke Lab Nadasht
(قصه مردی که لب نداشت)

By Ahmad Shamlo

Mahi Siah e Koochooloo
(ماهی سیاه کوچولو)

By Samad Behrangi

Gol Oomad, Bahar Oomad
(گل اومد، بهار اومد)

By Manouchehr Neyestani

Mehmanhaye Nakhandeh
(مهمانهای ناخوانده)

By Farideh Farjam